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These are unprecedented times  -  needing unprecedented demand!
Local Demand
Local Demand
And we're gonna need lots of boats
. . and, on a global scale!
Boats full of SMEs and Consumers linked in an economic alliance
.  .  this time SMEs need to be better prepared, from the ground up!
SMEs have never been structured as an economic force before
.  .  never been given a true 'level playing field'!
In a post COVID-19 world, SMEs will need a new business model!
Commerce and Technology are now merging as a local economic alliance platform  -  ComTechX
.  .  it disrupts big tech's surveillance and targeted advertising by giving users unprecedented control!
.  .  it challenges the one-trick pony 'paid advertising' and 'predatory pricing' models used by big tech!
Users are no longer . . 'the product'!
.  .  it reinvents advertising, making it free and subliminal to drive productivity across local economies!
.  .  it gives genx and millennials their chance to decide how capital is generated, earned and owned!
Bringing Cloudfunding to Main Street
reshaping markets for the real economy!
    so what's it about?      
It's about a domain where alliances of local economies democratically control a new economic model!
Global Chamber of Local Economies
It's about challenging how credit is used to enslave suburban and rural societies into perpetual debt!
Cloudfunding . . new frontier in Commerce!
It's about a global economic system merging all the functions needed for local Commerce to operate!
Blue Dot     .  .  It stimulates productivity on a linear scale in local economies that's sustainable  -  and without creating more debt. Blue Dot     .  .  it forms Free Open Market Economic Zones around all the industries in each local economy  -  to both isolate and incentivize productivity.  
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It's about an ecosystem where sellers gain maximum profitability - buyers gain maximum affordability!
Blue Dot     .  .  it changes the dynamics in commerce by replacing Credit as the leading catalyst with Productivity  -  basically global aggregate demand (sold products & services) is directed to monetize new productivity. Blue Dot     .  .  it separates the supply side from the demand side, allowing both sides to be directly incentivized simultaneously, so that sellers gain maximum profitability with full prices, and buyers gain greater buying power with lower prices.  
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Blue Dot     .  .  it directly stimulates SMEs and productivity with new capital flows in commerce in local economies, without adding debt, in fact reducing the debt. Blue Dot     .  .  it gives SMEs direct access to new cashflows and free working capital through using the full priced collateral in their inventories, avoiding the need for credit.  
It shifts central control of capital flows to a decentralized consensus controlled by local economies!
It identifies the economic value held in local SME inventories just sitting around waiting for buyers!
.  .  that economic value is the untapped local collateral!
It's the 'idle capacity', and now it's able to fully monetize local Commerce in the real economy!
Not by taking equity in a seller's house  .  .  but simply by sellers freely listing their inventories!
    so how does it work?      
By distributing local economic value around the world as free subliminal advertising  .  .  as free working capital!
By having an economic system that directly drives household spending in ways that it ensures economic growth!
Blue Dot     .  .  by building a decentralized global user network that's incentivized to directly stimulate productivity in all types of local economies around the world! Blue Dot     .  .  by monetizing new productivity with the recycled global aggregate demand (RAD - real payments) of past productivity in products and services!  
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Blue Dot     .  .  by challenging the Amazon model that has used Wall Street's capital power to out-price and out-last Main Street! Blue Dot     .  .  by giving Main Street its own Market Index to track and respond to real-time global productivity in the real economy!  
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Blue Dot     .  .  by directly operating with a neutral and stable international unit of account, eliminating incumbent fees and currency spreads! Blue Dot     .  .  by thinking outside the box, by integrating a universal distribution of local economic growth directly targeting inequality in local economies!  
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Wall Street   Vs   Main Street
ignored for decades, Main Street now has its own economic platform!
. . with its own economic engine, like a country but with universal scale!
Global Traffic Flows
It realigns market dynamics away from shareholders focused on taking profits from local companies,
.  .  to economic equity stakeholders being proactive and sharing economic growth with local economies!
.  .  it redesigns loyalty and collaboration programs into long-tail benefits for sellers and buyers!
.  .  it gives sellers their own pro-active Digital Sales Division where they're in charge of their sales!
Blue Dot     .  .  it merges Main Street and Online Commerce on a new global economic infrastructure platform that sits above all the B2B, B2C and D2C marketplaces Blue Dot     .  .  it gives SMEs the operating platform where a decentralized global network of market makers directly stimulates productivity by fully monetizing local SME inventories, even before there's a buyer  
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Blue Dot     .  .  it fills the void, left by the financial system, by applying an asset-based system that liquidates SME inventories into real demand, real sales and real productivity in the real economy Blue Dot     .  .  it opens up a new era in economy to economy commerce  -  e2eCommerce  -  it changes the way capital flows can now be controlled by the people for the benefit of the people in local economies  
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Unlike governments, that issue bonds so as to spend, and banks, that create credit 'out of thin air', and then charge interest,
local economies generate new capital, limited by the volume of global productivity, and governed by a Productive Standard
-  meaning, the volume of capital is fully accountable at all times, and can never operate beyond its capital supply!
Blue Dot     .  .  it changes capital flows so there's a global balance of payments between local economies! Blue Dot     .  .  it directly raises the velocity of the local money supply through the local daily commerce!  
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.  .  it directly targets wealth inequality by changing how capital is generated and distributed!
    so where does it sit?    
There's a time-gap, a unique domain in supply and demand  -  between when a seller has inventory ready to sell, and when a buyer is ready to purchase!
This domain is where deep-tech can now generate and scale sustainable productivity in local economies, while being isolated from economic instability!
a domain that insulates local economies!
Blue Dot     .  .  scale is no longer an issue  -  tech can now build new markets that are autonomous and decentralized with all the functionality of old markets but controlled by a global consensus! Blue Dot     .  .  local economies now have new market dynamics that are decentralized and ingrained into the local commercial activity, bringing sustainable and linear economic growth to local economies interconnected, in the real economy!  
Blue Dot     .  .  simple as credit is to create for lending, with no constraints  -  Cloudfunding's dynamics generate capital at scale but remains constantly governed by a Productive Standard! Blue Dot     .  .  with global scale connectivity now available, a global borderless public economic utility network of highways is able to interconnect local economies through new capital flows, with international benefits!  
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It gives sellers in the local economy supply chains, a competitive advantage, when competing with competitors using the low cost offshore advantages!
there's a new equilibrium between localization and globalization!
.  .  it's the missing economic framework that directly unifies local economies in the real economy!
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       Listing inventory is free                     Crowd Consensus                 Guaranteed full selling prices            Cascading buying prices               Liquidity Seller / Buyer      
Blue Dot     .  .  it's governed by a Productive Standard, which tracks the ownership of capital flows generating productivity with products and services around the world! Blue Dot     .  .  it automates the selling of products and services  -  combining competition with sellers and buyers with new dynamics that exponentially scale inventory demand and sales!  
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Automated Selling
There's no doubt automation will change the future of work!
Following the 20th century's push for globalization where Outsourced Manufacturing gained an unfair advantage of cheap labour, at the cost of local industries
.  .  the 21st century is fast realizing that there's a need for a new model  -  Outsourced Selling offers localization a competitive advantage, on a global scale!
QwickFill QwickPic QwickCup
Advertising is everywhere  -  it's pervasive, costly and unaccountable!
Subliminal Organic Advertising changes that, by being free and accountable with predictable sales!
SOA targets the bulk of seller inventories where the profits wait  -  combining predictability and accountability  -  without the surveillance and costs!
advertising is now an economic equalizer
.  .  it's no longer the unaccountable funding source, for some!
new capital flows can now be freely distributed via subliminal advertising, as free working capital!
  Blue Dot SMEs hold a 'huge stockpile of economic value' in their local inventories but it's something that banks
and financial institutions often ignore, and rarely want to accept as collateral!
  Blue Dot What's been missing, was the infrastructure to turn that idle economic value into new capital flows, and
link it together as a neutral and stable universally distributed capital!
  Blue Dot It makes a change in the way new capital flows begin, and are accounted for  -  instead of using Credit
as a leading incentive, Productivity is shifted to be the leading catalyst!
  Blue Dot It frees the local economic value by turning it into new cashflows for SMEs, without debt, discounts or fees,
and provides buyers with a new buying experience!
  Blue Dot It opens up new income streams for users living in local economies, globally  -  where lack of employment
and under-employment weighs heavily with the increased cost of living!
  Blue Dot It gives local media a chance to re-invent and shift to a new business model that gives them independence,
and gets them back to what they do best  -  by being the local town crier!
  Blue Dot It makes SMEs 'the new local banks'  -  they hold the local economy's economic value and independence,
so it's right that they use it's true intrinsic universal resource to back the new economic infrastructure!
  Blue Dot It places Main Street as the primary driver of productivity in the real economy, where local communities
can finally be in control of commerce finance linked along new economic highways!
the ultimate goal of Main Street is to get sales, at full price!
Credit   Vs   Cloudfunding
Wall Street   Vs   Main Street
Main Street has the 'capital' to finance an income distribution economy
Income Distribution
Only bottom-up economics can solve our debt enslaved local societies
.  .  by challenging the status quo, by separating Supply from Demand
keeping price parity between supply and demand won't solve the increasing economic inequality confronting most societies!
Blue Dot     .  .  discounting supply won't cut it if profitability is delayed  -  outsourced selling uses a decentralized global network of 'users' to monetize (fully pay) sellers prior to releasing inventories to local buyers - leaving buyers to trigger the release of payment! Blue Dot     .  .  with supply already fully monetized for the seller  -  the local buyers are then incentivized with Price Demand, where buying prices cascade down to what's more affordable in the local economy  -  which effectively breaks the price parity between supply and demand!  
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local supply chains now have a competitive advantage, all the while being supported by a new era in borderless capital flows!
Occupy Wall Street correctly focused on inequality but never had any alternative economic model!
Cloudfunding cracks the code on sustainable profitability to supply and affordability to demand!
.  .  its economic model stimulates demand with totally new 'productivity driven' markets!
Cloudfunding - New Economic Flows
Countries use currencies to gain a competitive advantage in trade  -  local economies give SMEs a competitive advantage with borderless capital flows!
The real economy is 'naturally isolated' within our local economies  -  and only loses productivity growth when it shifts economic wealth to pay off debt,
Blue Dot     .  .  so keeping the economic value within the real economy and take advantage of free finance for local productivity  -  is better than incurring debt! Blue Dot     .  .  and if productivity is increased and sustained with an economic alliance of local economies  -  then more economic wealth can be kept locally!  
Cloudfunding directly drives new capital flows into local economies through new market structures
.  .  it separates 'shareholders' in companies from 'economic equity stakeholders' in local economies
.  .  it separates investment speculation in shares from equity ownership in real economic productivity
A new type of investor / saver will emerge  -  one that doesn't sit passively and expect to gain off other people's effort
but one that's pro-active by helping to generate productivity, with the gains spread equally across the real economy!
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    so what can be Cloudfunded?      
any product, service or project that can be quantified and priced
.  .  can be Cloudfunded!
.  .  gives SMEs and Start-ups a new funding source!
.  .  free backing without needing loans or losing equity!
With debt at record levels, SMEs need ways to release their productive capacity, so they and their local economies survive!
Economic Layout
Trade is universal, so local economic infrastructure should be universal!
.  .  a neutral universal unit of account interconnecting local economies helps by being as simple as cash!
QwickPay Cash Payments
unlike cash, digital capital is trackable globally in a new economic environment, where it directly stimulates local productivity,

.  .  and in doing so, raises the velocity of the local money supply and economic growth!

a local currency by itself is a simple means of exchange  -  on a global scale, the Productive Standard continues that same simple model.

How?  -  by grouping global currencies into a stable international means of account  .  .  simply a neutral peer to peer universally distributed capital!
global remittances now have zero costs!
    so how does it scale?      
it taps into the 'idle capacity' of local seller inventories
Please Sir, can I have some more?
.  .  and increases capital flows, so there's more to go around!
As the world is fast becoming aware, countries have the capacity to increase the money supply 'at will'  -  to help offset economic hardship when a crisis occurs,
.  .  it does however lack the ability to increase consumer spending, when many in society just want to save, to safe-guard against what may come in the future!
What Cloudfunding does, is it stimulates the environment with sellers gaining from increased demand, while consumers save by gaining greater buying power
.  .  it fills a void opened up by the increased money supply by stimulating demand and real productivity  -  with flow-on effects in the real economy  -  without adding debt!
Liquidity in Local Economy
it gives 'locals' control of their future!
Blue Dot     .  .  it gives local economies an accountable value, defined by the volume of global productivity! Blue Dot     .  .  it flips foreign direct investment so global users directly stimulate productivity in local economies!  
    read more   read more  
.  .  it directly stimulates the velocity of the local economy's 'idle' economic value!
Blue Dot     .  .  it builds a new economic system that directly supports local SMEs! Blue Dot     .  .  it gives local SMEs a level playing field with a competitive advantage!  
    read more   read more  
.  .  it breaks down the 'barriers of entry' so SMEs can compete with global players!
Blue Dot     .  .  it gives local economies the support for sustainable productivity! Blue Dot     .  .  it 'isolates' supply and demand in a new interconnected paradigm!  
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.  .  its economic dynamics monetize full seller prices while giving discounts to buyers!
Blue Dot     .  .  it shifts company shareholding to local economic stakeholding! Blue Dot     .  .  it separates supply and demand so both sides are be fully incentivized!  
    read more   read more  
.  .  it makes local economies 'safe havens' for inter-trading with the local economic values!
Blue Dot     .  .  it brings linear economic growth to local economies by decentralizing market dynamics! Blue Dot     .  .  it offers a passive income flow for savers investing in the economic equity of local economies!  
    read more   read more  
.  .  it maintains pricing stability by combining global price capping and aggregate demand!
Going forward it could be inflation, stagflation or deflation  -  what's sure to happen is long-term austerity to offset the debt!
The global alliance of local economies has the means of insulating each local economy from external economic shocks!
it shifts productivity to leading catalyst!
.  .  it moves beyond the Amazon and marketplace rentier models
.  .  it brings a global economic infrastructure into local commerce
Liquidity is:  quick access to cash flows        -         Solvency is:  maintaining access to capital
Blue Dot     .  .  liquidity relates more to the short-term measure of sales  -  having the ability to exchange products or services at any time, without disturbing the profit margins! Blue Dot     .  .  solvency relates more to the long-term financial stability of a business  -  the degree to which the current assets of an individual or entity exceed their current liabilities!  
It shifts debt-based economies into asset-based economies utilizing true local economic value
Blue Dot     .  .  it gives local economies an accountable value defined by the volume of global productivity! Blue Dot     .  .  it flips foreign direct investment so global users directly stimulate productivity in local economies!  
Blue Dot     .  .  it makes equity stakeholders in local economies more productive than company shareholders! Blue Dot     .  .  it brings automation to local productivity before robots and automation take jobs and incomes!  
    so how to use it?  
Sellers just list inventory and let Automated Selling do the rest
.  .  leaving the sales personnel the important job of customer service!
.  .  it then gives Buyers the way to Pay It Forward, so they can  .  .
Compare - Activate - Buy
Price Demand With Sellers full selling prices locked in escrow, the Deals are released to Buyers, and the price comparisons begin!

Once comparisons are done, anyone can click  Activate  and immediately watch the Buying Price begin to fall

Prices cascade down to 20% of the full Selling Price or until there's a Buyer, without effecting a Seller's full margin

Buying prices fall down to the LA Buying Prices over a minute or less  -  and longer for cars and houses

You'll be hesitant but eager to click  Buy Now  knowing you're not the only one seeing the Buying Price falling

As deals are activated, notifications get sent to local Buyers who list their interest in the items, and they too can buy

Don't worry, most Sellers will have a quantity of stock to release  -  so stay alert and see what prices are in demand
Price Demand is a buying experience that'll change how you buy!
QwickTime "Do you want delivery with that?"

Entrepreneurs can start their own business
and support the local sellers

Sellers compete to win delivery deals
- delivery services decide to accept the job
- with guaranteed full payment on completion
Now it's about real time price discovery and market trends
Mobile Buys Shopping
Singles Day / Black Friday everyday
.  .  gives SMEs and Start-ups a new funding source!
.  .  free backing without needing loans or losing equity!
Accommodation Price Demand Events

SMEs have a competitive advantage
SMEs are the 'new local banks'
SMEs have been disadvantaged for too long  -  now SMEs can compete with the 800lb gorillas!
SME funding Online
.  .  sellers have the economic value in their local inventories to generate new capital flows
A new era in SME Funding
Automated Selling generates faster 'cash flows'!

SMEs are entering a new era in local demand  -  with free direct backing

SMEs directly benefit from the Universally Distributed Incomes

The era of using seller discounting to find demand is finally over!

everyone needs a roof over our heads
Residential and Commercial!
It's all the same, whether it's a mortgage payment or rent, it's a commitment that the majority of families and businesses around the world need to keep, to hold things together, so they can have a roof over their heads.

That action is able to be quantified and generated as a service that can be monetized into real estate deals to service the demand of rental and mortgage payments, which's a universal issue, and now more important than ever!

Now house and commercial renters and mortgagors can compete to buy deals that are continually generated and monetized at a full range of values, with the minimum 20% buying price ( that's 80% discount ) to help achieve lower prices for household budgets and business overheads.

Users still need to compete for deals with Price Demand and judge what they pay and can afford without having to pay the deal's full prices  -  the range of deals are from $25 to $1,000, whichever values are relevant for the user demand.

Cloudfunding is structured to monetize mortgage and rent payments, and even 'Building Blocks' to help buy a home or commercial premise  -  Cloudfunding takes advantage of algorithms and deep data tracking of the global aggregate demand payments of products and services to monetize 'overhead' deals for households and entrepreneurs.

Real Estate
Real Estate Affordability
Qwick Subs Subscriptions

For businesses wanting to use Subscriptions, there are several options to select from as the payment methods to access their products and services.

The Subscription Deal model offers a business the unique benefit of having an Opt-in feature for their web site, with the choice left to the users to decide if they want to gain the benefits of using the Opt-in function.

The flexibility of how Subscription Deals are generated can greatly enhance the success for any type of businesses in getting new customers and keeping them.

Businesses can list their own Subscription Deals using the full 100% Selling Prices of the subscription they are offering customers and have the Deals processed via the Outsourced Selling bidding process,

- this allows a business to store the Deals and release them when they are needed.
e.g: bundles of 50, 100 or 1,000 deals can be released to existing customers or to the interested users on the platform.

Another option is for businesses to select from a list of Generic type Deals that are set at various prices that business want as their standard Subscription cost.

With any of the Subscription Deals Price Demand is the means for consumers to activate and start the full Selling Prices to cascade down to a minimum 20% ( 80% off the full Selling Prices).

Cloudfunding flips advertising around
Local Media
. . giving media a new business model
    so when's the launch?      
Expression of interest has been opened up for SMEs, seller groups, shopping precincts and co-ops etc in the Queen Bee loyalty program.
Any number of local economies can be listed  -  it expands as productivity spreads across the thousands of local economies within the countries
    so who can use it?      
cities, suburbs, towns, shopping precincts, malls, franchises, seller groups, seller co-ops, can now collaborate across local economic hubs
Every business belongs to a local economy, what the platform creates is free open market economic zones around all those local businesses
.  .  it provides a new level in free markets that protects small enterprises from major price discounters, by having a system that levels the playing field
    Want to know how to build a FOMEZ? Know More    
then there's the buyers who can join together in buyer co-ops, families or individuals  -  everyone can benefit from cascading buying prices
      Know More    
    so how can I benefit? .  .  more    
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