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Scalable Digital Economy  -  the 'RunWay'

The world has overcome some large hurdles in the past that has changed the landscape to better everyone in some way!

The view forward is not as simple as in the past because of the enormous growth experienced by societies, mainly in the developed countries.

Much of that growth was based around a financial banking system that has allowed the expansion of many economies and industries.

From a historical view the main growth has only occurred in a brief amount of time, in the last 30 to 40 years since the late 1970s and in that brief time the financial ground under the feet of individuals has increasingly become unstable due mainly to relying on using credit.

It's not so much the use of credit but what supports that credit being offered by the banking industries.

It's well known that credit provided by the finance industry is created from nothing, it's original model simply linked to the assets of a borrower to support the debt  -  those assets have a value in relation to the local economy that are supposed to help maintain a stable economy.

Something has happened in the last 40 years that's thrown it all out of kilter, there's now an enormous imbalance of asset value to global debt.

Global debt created by the banking industry is now in excess of 700 trillion US Dollars  -  assets supporting this debt falls short, many times over.

This 700 trillion US Dollar debt carried by banks using derivatives ( IOU ) has increased by a minimum of 77 trillion US Dollars in just a couple of years since the GFC.

By 2017 the volume of derivatives flowing around in the unregulated sector of financial industry has ballooned to approximately 1.2 quadrillion US Dollars created by the printing and distributing of new money that has been pumped into increasing company share market values and assets values like real estate without that value being tied to any genuine productivity to validate the value.

In the aftermath of the GFC there's been a phenomena happening that belies economic sense, while manufacturing and productivity falls and unemployment is either stable or rising, there's been a strange upward swing in the share markets and real estate values in many countries.

This focus on monetary policy could be described as an economic model based on the theory side rather than the practical side

-  theory side being the pushing around of numbers and values trying to find a workable model that swings money towards a few, the practical side is the physical manufacturing of products, creating productivity, and jobs.

The swing is either market control or something a little bit more misdirected.

The sheer debt size leveraged against assets is the burden our next generations are confronted with, all of it is supposed to be serviced by incomes that don't keep pace.

-  the debt is increasing even while the world's economies are stagnant, this unusual phenomena means the world's inequality will only rise.

The debt is made up of derivatives, type of IOU ( futures, credit swaps ) traded in a self regulated industry speculating on future asset prices.

If the debt remains a bargaining chip held by a few, then the only logical economical way to reduce that leverage is increase the asset values.

Or is it  -  the difficulty of having asset and commodity prices increase is that incomes to service the debt, and rising prices to still afford to live, will increasingly fall short.

It's all happening now even while some banks are more profitable than any time in history, some are leveraged over 40 times their asset value, many rely on too big to fail  -  it still means that the debt is still swirling around in global markets effecting prices.

The bank industry debt is separate to the Global Debt that countries are currently trying to struggle through.

'The sandwich' formed with on one side the banking industry and on the other the productivity combining the workforces and commodities, there's the governments in the middle that carry a further debt  -  this debt is able to be challenged more directly.

The massive gap between the world's true asset value and the credit debt is the RunWay where the Scalable Economy operates from.

Inequality spoken of so much stems from this major problem of debt to asset values, it drifts into societies adding pressure on individuals.

Individuals and families are in the cross-fire, it's understandable that when asset values rise and look profitable, nobody wants to rock the boat.

Taking a longer view, with family homes subject to local markets and incomes subject to local productivity, there needs to be a 'backup plan'.

Affordability to live within a community, trying to have similar assets as the neighbors is normal, however when the market values that can go up and down are forced on individuals and families that's outside their control  -  then there needs to be other ways of closing that gap and fast.

The change of how markets will work comes with the change to how influence and value can cross borders to stimulate local economies by the initial actions of local Sellers applying free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital  -  DFDC does the rest.

It all comes down to affordability

The QwickPic platform is designed to bridge that gap in affordability, it can operate in any country, any economy, it reverses the financial mechanics of 'credit and debt' used by the banking industry.

-  instead it connects affordability with productivity, using Productivity as its true leading catalyst value  -  displayed in real time in the Global Markets in the new scalable Digital Economy.

Cloud Commerce merges the economic strategy using technology and economies of scale to build out New Digital Trade Routes.

this is the RunWay we're now on, with the scalable Digital Economy!

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As UDC is validated and exchanged in the Digital Economy it permeates out into local economies!

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