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Subliminal Organically Decentralized Advertising  -  SODA
SODA - Subliminal Advertising
SODA reinvents Advertising as an accountable and productive utility token

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  SODA  -  subliminal organically decentralized (interactive) advertising

Web3 is here, and it's all about decentralization and collaboration  -  SODA fits right into that!

SODA is about reverse-engineering Advertising, from an 'in your face' function of Commerce into new capital flows that are free for everyone to collect  -  opening up a new environment for the users in the New Economy  -  it disrupts the way Digital Advertising works by making it free for the sellers to gain the advantage of predictable sales, while 'hiding the noise' from users, by organically distributing the economic value ( utility tokens ) in its place through a Global Public Economic Utility Network.

Subliminal Organically Decentralized Advertising instigates a new business model for the internet users by subliminally distributing micro-values ( utility tokens ) of seller product and service inventories  -  it becomes the monetary resource behind a globally distributed free economic value  -  it's free working capital that generates the economic infrastructure behind Online Commerce, without targeting or giving up privacy.

SODA reverse-engineers Digital Advertising as a freely distributed economic value in the form of utility tokens that's completely opposite to traditional paid advertising  -  the paradigm shift is being able to validate the distributed economic value so it becomes universally decentralized capital between the local communities, which's fully trackable in real-time, yet upholds privacy of users as it's spent 'peer to peer' across local economies around the world.

SIA - Subliminal Interactive Advertising is a feature of SODA that provides the functions for Brands to engage with customers in industries such as Restaurants & Cafes, Accommodation and Mobility ( electric vehicles )  -  in ways that avoid the mistakes of Web2 where surveillance and in-your-face targeted advertising has resulted so negatively with the user experience.



    Sell It Forward, Now!    
RingLink Technology
Rules for the New Digital Economy will be written
by those who see past the early gate-keepers
Subliminal Interactive Advertising can exponentially
increase audience engagement with
Game Theory and FOMO
.  .  read about Subliminal Interactive Advertising for local Media

Subliminal Interactive Advertising takes those negatives
and completely flips it around to form a new eco-system,
where everyone benefits!

Economic Engine - Subliminal
SIA changes traditional advertising where businesses pay
to get exposure of their brand  -  now advertising is free
for businesses, with media getting a share of every sale

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  Changing the narrative

SODA is a function of Cloudfunding ( Cloudalism ), which changes how Capital flows into and around local economies by shifting Productivity to be the leading catalyst, instead of Credit  -  meaning it uses Productivity, which is the products and services of seller inventories, and distributes the full selling price value of each unit from each inventory in micro-values freely to global users  -  this begins a process termed as Outsourced Selling, which basically shifts the inventories full value to global users as free economic value for the users to use as working capital  -  in a mechanism where users can set the option to automatically participate in helping to monetize the seller's inventories via this new Capital flow of an international transfer of economic value  -  users can set the range in the types of products and services and the values on auto-pilot, with notifications to inform the user with updates on the progress  -  and it all happens before the inventory is even released to the seller's buyers.

RingLink is the technology that decentralizes the global distribution of SODA and creates an organic scarcity of value across an interconnected world  -  RingLink is the decentralizing mechanism that shifts away from the impact that targeted Digital Advertising has done, blind siding internet users with pervasive reach and denied users with the option to Opt-out of being tracked  -  RingLink triggers a better user engagement, first by providing sellers with guaranteed sales at full selling prices with Subliminal Interactive Advertising, while giving buyers direct control of tools that can filter notifications of things that interest them.

It's this distribution on a global scale that provides a natural landscape for a democratic consensus to occur  -  it allows Offline and Online Commerce to operate on a level playing field  -  it opens up markets like never before, where Capital can flow across economies interconnecting users on a new level.

Distribution at scale

The Op-In option to collect Free Economic Value to get working capital and use it so gets validated into UDC is open to each user in determining how much a user wants to sit and operate with - it's only a matter of starting to collect the FEV and finding the allocating strategies:

As an example  -  with the average value of an item being displayed at $100.00

In just 2.5 minutes a user can view 40 mobile displays  -  collecting an average of $4.00 in Cloudfunds/FEV.

The basic income of a person in developing countries for the day can be $1.00 to $2.00.

( cost of entry is outweighed by value to earn  -  Cloudfunds earned are seeds that can grow )

A mobile user can collect an average $96.00 of Cloudfunds in 1 hour of viewing displays or subliminally.

That's around $2.304.00 of Cloudfunds in 24 hour just viewing displays  -  desktop views can multiply this.

Try QwickPic on mobile and click 'Auto Scroll' and see how easy it is to collect Cloudfunds.

It's not the aim to view the displays but to link up whenever to add to the volume of Cloudfunds, even over-nite

As an example using products and services with a full selling price of $100.00 the average micro-value could be $0.10 for each item being subliminally displayed in the background via an app to users  -  higher inventory items like cars and houses increase the micro-values proportional and according to the full selling value ( a seller has the option of adjusting the micro-value )

                          A product or service with a selling price of                                                    $100.00    

                          One micro-value available for users to collect                                                   $0.10    distributed to 1,000 users

                          Average number of displays shown per minute                                                      16

                         Average amount of free working capital collected              X  1 min                 = $1.60

                                                                                                                   X 60 min              = $96.00

                                                                                                                   X 24 hrs          = $2,304.00

                                                                                                                   X 7 days        = $16,128.00    per user account

                                                                                                                   X 28 days      = $64,512.00    free working capital

                                                                                                                   X multiple accounts per user

Free Economic Value  -  it's the Internet's 'free working capital', it's free to collect, has no interest or fees, and never needs to be paid back, ever!

FEV allows the financial benefits to flow on to everyone across economies, many of which have been limited even deprived of financial inclusion  -  it provides the means for untapped productivity to be drawn into the open market with e2eCommerce.

The distribution of the free online Capital is made through a network of local economies that form the RingLink network of global users  -  each local economy that forms a network is interconnected seamlessly so that the new Capital flows can spread outwards via connections such as news sites or websites  -  these businesses and entrepreneurs can download images and spread value subliminally across any number of economies around the world  -  which then gets used as working capital to win products and services or to validate into Universally Decentralized Capital.

Although the new Capital is able to be validated against Productivity into Universally Decentralized Capital, this value maintains a neutral means of exchange that locks in and tracks user Ownership internationally  -  it's the increased Productivity generated by users utilizing the new Capital flows that's key to Cloudfunding being able to eliminate incumbents that have positioned themselves between buyers and sellers.

Free and Subliminal Advertising is the Internet's future growth

SODA taps into the massive unlimited resource of global Productivity where Sellers around the world have inventories they want to sell to the demanding Buyers of the world  -  the connection between buyers and sellers doesn't need to involve advertising noise with its targeted tracking, it can be done quietly and subliminally in the background.

Subliminal Organically Decentralized Advertising is only the start of the disruption to Commerce and local economies  -  SODA is integrated into the Internet's economic infrastructure, giving Cloudfunding the autonomous platform and ecosystem  -  bypassing the barriers controlled by incumbents to perpetually validate Free Economic Value into Universally Decentralized Capital.

Subliminal Organically Decentralized Advertising aligns with the dissatisfaction of users and the dysfunctional Online Digital Advertising environment to bring in a new level of funding to the Internet entrepreneurs, users and businesses  -  a neutral autonomous economic model that blends all the economic needs with a free flowing unrestricted financial inclusion that defines the way Offline and Online Commerce needs to merge to operate in the present future  -  capable of tracking commercial activity from economy to economy with e2eCommerce on a universal scale within the Global Chamber of Economies but without hindering user activity with advertiser tracking.

Subliminal Advertising is like Control Reversal in Aviation

Subliminal Advertising is not dissimilar to Control Reversal, a phenomena in aviation where at a certain point the controls of an aircraft are reversed to overcome spinning out of control  -  what is a known dynamic in air flight design today came from what seemed illogical to the early pioneers but ultimately gave way for the sound barrier to be broken

Subliminal Advertising has that similar dynamic that reverses the logic of not visibly displaying advertising but still gaining the intention of exposing a product to unprecedented scale, and bringing with it ubiquitous growth in productivity  -  SODA reverses control in Advertising and gives it freely to sellers to directly control their sales via new dynamics that reverses the way money can now flow back to users / buyers within new Capital flows.



QwickPic Ready
    Advertising can now spread without the noise

Subliminal Interactive Advertising  -  for any real effective selling online, and without flooding web pages with visual and disruptive ads, SIA brings a new type of advertising that's been developed to be added into web sites and operates with a user controlled Opt-in  -  it's capable of directing income streams to web site Owners and users for as long as the sites are being connected.

The way web sites have tried to earn income streams up until now has been to place ads from various marketing agents onto their web pages to help earn via small percentages of the advertising payments from each click ( CPM )  -  and of course this has lead to the click fraud that the industry is forever confronted with, and Sellers eventually pay for.

What's so different with SIA is that it can remove ads ( some ads are still needed for introducing brands etc ) from view but then get better results because of the change in the mechanics so it's accountable and predictable in getting sales  -  instead of spreading thousands even millions of ads in front of viewers, hoping to get clicks but without needing to be accountable for sales, SIA only needs to subliminally roll out QwickPic displays to maybe just hundreds ( and not thousands or millions ) of Opt-in viewers for sellers to get predicable sales, for free.

The User experience of having to view so many ads is compounded further when it's on mobile  -  there's a User pushback confronting digital advertising with the rise of ad blockers  -  SODA solves those issues by offering a better User experience and web site Owners ( using SIA ) get so much more than the click-through model  -  and importantly, the Seller get the advertising for free and are guaranteed to get sales from every unit of their inventory that they list to Outsource the Selling  -  if something doesn't sell then it shouldn't have a price.

With Subliminal Interactive Advertising, web sites don't need to spread ads across their web pages to get the clicks for any potential income  -  with just one simple QwickPic Ready logo positioned on the web site the User will see nothing, but subliminally, in the background the QwickPics will continue to run on auto scroll without displaying images for as long as the User is visiting the web site  -  continually earning FEV for Users and web site Owners a percentage from any sales  -  a total reversal to the Online methodology of using the User base details and information with third-parties as part of their income source.

The only thing Users need to do is Opt-In when they get to the web site or have their Opt-In login open when they visit web sites, that way SODA is automatically running from the initial moment the user arrives and start earning Free Economic Value, subliminally and organically  -  this connection with the User's Global Citizen ID leaves no identification or tracking that the web sites can take advantage of.

As with all services on the platform, no User details are released to any Seller or third party other than the details required to complete product exchange and delivery.


                QwickPic Ready QwickPic Ready                    

QwickPic Ready logo is all that gets shown for SODA to work

For the User they earn from visiting web site carrying the QwickPic Ready logo, and for web site Owners they automatically earn 2.5% of the full Selling Price of any sale linked to Users that earned FEV - free working capital while visiting their web site  -  collecting FEV this way from web sites avoids any click fraud as the free working capital still needs to be used in strategies before moving to full validation.

As the Users collect FEV they carry the link from the web site but it's also linked with products and services that they get to select which deals they want to register with, and then allocate their free working capital in strategies to win deals  -  the more deals Users participate in the more FEV that gets fully validated to spend on deals listed for local Buyers to buy with Price Demand, or something else.

With the way digital advertising has worked via the internet until now has only been to expose a product to an audience who gets nothing for their effort unless they buy the product, which inevitably is offered at a discount to attract the Buyer  -  SIA will change how advertising can work on all types of medium, with freedom to view Content being the main attraction that determines the User experience  -  the SIA economic model expands revenues exponentially with connection back to the Queen Bee Project.

Smart Contracts move seamlessly between Sellers to Buyers

There's now a seamless movement between supply and demand made possible when a product or service is processed using a proprietary bidding process that generates a Smart Contract, which can only be executed when it's released to a seller's local buyers, who then need to use Price Demand and be the first buyer to click 'Buy Now' as the price cascades down from the full selling price to as low as 20%, depending in the final winning bid price.

Generates passive incomes for Users and Content Providers

Web site Owners never have any real connection to anything more than a tiny share of the advertising payments paid by the Sellers that gets spread across thousands and even millions of views through the various channels  -  SIA flips that model by reverse-engineering advertising's commercial dynamics so that global scale can be expanded without flooding the environment with unnecessary advertising displays.

SIA raises the bar by giving web site Owners the direct connection to the end sale of products and services sold through their web pages  -  instead of needing to spread across thousands of views, SIA from just from one visitor could earn 2.5% of a sale ( maybe a toothbrush or even a car ) worth more than the entire advertising budget of some Sellers using CPM  -  instead of taking profit away from Sellers with paid advertising, SIA focuses on the full Supply and Demand cycle and taps into the real productivity along the Supply Chains by rewriting and streamlining the dynamics in Commerce  -  rather than just adding the cost of advertising for Sellers to do business, without any true accountability.

SIA bypasses the ads over-kill and goes directly to Sales

Although the Advertising Industry has been around for some time, its relatively young in the context of how old Commerce is  -  the form of advertising where it's constantly displayed in front of everyone has reached its maximum acceptance level with society, as many surveys have concluded and increased ad-blocker use  -  paid advertising model is said to be the only way to view Online content for free, and that there's no alternative ( most Online content providers would only be a function or feature if it wasn't for being an advertising channel )  -  with all that, it's probably a good time now that subliminal advertising comes along and makes selling free for Sellers, and gives Users a better experience.

Option for Subscription and Pay Per View for Content

The option is there for web site Owners to decide if they use SIA or display the QwickPics ( even their own products and services like news content ), the outcome for the web site Owner is the same in earning 2.5% of the full selling value from any sales  -  the change is in the experience for the User, especially on mobile where ads are not wanted, hence why subliminal and organic is a better future for advertising.

SIA is suitable for any web site looking for a better User experience, even TV  -  it's an ideal option for Video and Publisher sites that are wanting less intrusion and cleaner pages without ads but still get the income streams they need, even better incomes  -  adding to the organic earnings of both Users and web site Owners, especially those with content like Publishers, there's a payment option that seamlessly operates in the background by transferring micro payments to Content Providers ( with full disclosure to Users ) when Users view content.

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