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Local sellers Outsource the Selling of their products and services to a global network of market makers

-  it draws free Capital flows into local economies in a Balance of Payments, stimulating local Productivity

  the 'D.O.M.E.'


  FOMEZ - Localization

  Productivity First

  RingLink Tech


  Cloud Productivity

  UDC - Neutral Currency

  Local - Capital Flows

  Balance of Payments

  Pay It Forward, Now!

  Digitizing Cash

  Booms and Busts

  Open Market Revenue

  Automation - AI

  Fractional Economics

  Supply Chain

  Economies of Scale

  Exchange Platform

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  Labour MarketPlace

  Affordable Living

  Job Creation
  Global Cloud Productivity is the activity cycle that operates under Cloud Commerce, its structure is designed to collect the productivity events that melt-down the difference between people, communities and countries where inequality has developed.

Global Cloud Productivity is the engine of the D.O.M.E. Platform that combines all the functions that makes up all the commercial activity events from around the world operating under Cloud Commerce  -  all tracked on the Global Productivity Grid.

It uses Fractional Economics to bridge the gap between the have and the have not's, it solves it by taking the productivity of goods and services in the local level and moves the selling process to the global level, it removes the barriers around currencies and trade to give everyone a level playing field to conduct global commerce.

The GCP process has two purposes, one is to find a buyer and the other is to validate UDC before allowing it to be exchanged on the Platform, the way the process works through the bidders by elimination adds a genuine level of proof to the amount of UDC that will be released at the end of the process,

-  when there are a sufficient number of bidders registered for any deal to go Live it provides a consensus amongst a broad number of users which can be seen as a Social Vote  -  Social Demand, for the amount of UDC to be released into circulation.

UDC can only be released into circulation with equal value in Productivity ( products and services are listed in a seller's local fiat currency ) exchanged between a seller and buyer operating on the Global Open Market Trade Xchange  -  GOMTX.

From the time UDC enters into circulation it's always held by either a buyer or seller at all times, the equivalent value of fiat currency received at the time when UDC first enters into circulation is accepted by either the receiving buyer or seller at all times  -  the trust is forged between the buyer and seller at the exchange to validate UDC.

Global Cloud Productivity flips Outsourcing

By reversing the Outsourced Manufacturing model and replacing it with Outsourced Selling it dramatically changes the way productivity flows around the world.

It takes the outsourcing model of getting products manufactured in developing countries using their cheap Labour Market and flips it on its head

-  it opens up ways for workers to have an easy entry to another income source as an Open Market Maker, a virtual wholesaler who competes as a business on a fair and equal level playing field with others around the world.

-  this doesn't mean that there is a reliance on any particular group of people to generate activity, it can just as simply be a stay at home mom or a retired or out of work person who wants to benefit.

On a larger scale with foreign Capital Investment ( FDI ) coming into a region, when Outsourced Selling is used by a region's local industries and Sellers it can scale to any size to draw in foreign Capital Investment ( without the costs or loss of control over assets ), there's an automatic free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital ( DFDC ) that transfers to the region's local economy, without any transfer of money ( foreign exchange ) being involved  -  the activity generated in the local productivity creates the validation.

Automatically flows into Universally Distributed Income ( UDI ) Portfolios

With all commerce activity on the Platform each product and service that's processed with the Outsourced Selling and Buying activity  -  it's linked back through to the Universally Distributed Income ( UDI ) Portfolios from where all Users can build a collection of Location Tokens and gain a share of the Location Activity Tax collected and distributed across all the global activity in real time.

Global Cloud Productivity changes the way manufacturing operates, it allows products to be manufactured locally and be better priced to sell to local buyers far below any imported products that are normally outsourced, it still means that even in developed countries the same process can be done,

-  how can full List Prices be paid to Sellers while Buyers pay only 20% or less?

                                                                                             see How Is This Done?

-  how can using technology that applies Fractional Commerce correct price imbalances in the markets?

                                                                                             see Fractional Commerce

-  how can local productivity is applied to benefit others in a global world?

                                                                                             see How Location Activity Tax works globally

                                                                                             see How Pay It Forward, Now! Works Between A Buyer and Seller

                                                                                             see QwickPay - Accounts

Fact:  Modern technically driven commodity markets are a long way removed from the old chalk board trading environment where pace was more in tune with movement of trade.

Today's commodity markets are operated by software that favors those inside the environment ( in particular HFT  -  high frequency trading ) that can command how high the real world needs to jump, disregarding the inequality that it creates.

The Platform counters that control by providing all players in the Supply Chain with use of Global Cloud Productivity to set fair and reasonable list selling prices that can be sustainable by individual players or industries globally, regardless of what global commodity market prices may be - leveling the playing field!

The change the Platform makes is more productive and starts well before typical economies begin to apply their taxing system

-  typically a tax is usually a reasonable percentage of a sell price with the main objective being to raise revenue for the running of an economy,

-  unfortunately extra tax ( tariffs ) is often added to imported products to help control and balance prices to protect domestic made products to compete against imports, which are more than likely 'helped' along with subsidy by the foreign country of origin,

-  tax revenue raised and then used to defend domestic markets by subsidizing the Seller begins to muddy the water when using it in this 'tit for tat' approach,

The Platform on the other hand applies a different approach, it's built on a global scale rather than at a country level and raises revenue prior to the initial stage to where typical tax is applied, and it's done with a subtle approach that doesn't hinder the activity,

-  it applies Location Activity Tax at the global level instead of in a domestic environment to collect and pay the Seller the full selling price, whilst reducing the buying price by subsidizing the Buyer  -  all done without using or denying any domestic tax revenue due on the Seller's full prices,

Location Activity Tax and Fractional Commerce reverses how subsidizing is applied without having the impact of forcing higher prices by using recycled tax.

Check out a Deal Registration and Cloudfund Strategy

See a Snap-Shot view of a Cloudfund strategy and bidding for Deals

Cloudfunding generates Price Demand  -  digitizes 'cash' to flow ubiquitously around the world

What's The Monetizing Moment?

Cloud Commerce operates by Outsourcing the Selling to the Crowd by Cloudfunding

How Sellers Outsource their Selling to the Crowd?


QwickP2P   'Pay it Forward, Now!' completes the sales activity for sellers!

As UDC is validated and exchanged in the Digital Economy it permeates out into local economies!

see the connection of players that help achieve 'Productivity' :   Global Cloud Productivity

Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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