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The Dome

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Domestic Open Market Economy  -  the 'D.O.M.E.'

History tells us when major changes happened in the world, when giant steps advanced mankind  -  they were revolutions!

Advances with technology in the world is only in its infancy but already there's a revolution making significant changes.

Previous revolutions have taken several decades to move from country to country, the technology revolution will take far less time.

The Digital Era will carve out new digital trade routes, not the same as before but with new connectivity streamlining global trade.

Recent history in applying technology to the financial sectors has shown to be costly when control is not democratically operated.

the 'D.O.M.E.' avoids those issues by covering the globe with an autonomous, open and transparent economy,

it sits on the shoulders' of the digital free trade and commerce, bringing global Commerce to all, in a New Digital Economy.

it seamlessly bridges the final connection separating the physical Offline world with the digital Online world with RingLink Tech.

it does it by changing how economies have always worked from the top down to a model that works from the bottom up.

it directly focuses on affordability for individuals by increasing their buying power, while protecting the businesses at the other end.

it addresses local issues by forming a Free Open Market Economic Zone  -  FOMEZ, around each productive location.

Termed Localization, it encourages local manufacturing along the Supply Chains to the retail end in Free Markets,

it creates a 'protective' digital environment around local offline businesses with a Comparative Advantage in selling.

it pushes local supply to meet an increased demand by changing to Price Demand in all Commerce.

it increases the probability of sales, it multiplies demand by Outsourcing the Selling, not by outsourcing the manufacturing.

it generates genuine local employment by providing the increased demand needed for locally manufactured products.

-  it attracts large scale Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital ( DFDC ) to local Sellers using Outsourced Selling  -  for Productivity

it's not designed as a 'walled garden' but to spread control amongst the masses to make everyone part of globalization.

it does it by distributing growth starting with distributing the Internet's free working capital into local communities around the world.

All the productivity is tracked and captured in real-time and processed then displayed in the Global Chamber of Economies.


  the 'D.O.M.E.'


  FOMEZ - Localization

  Productivity First

  RingLink Tech


  Cloud Productivity

  UDC - Neutral Currency

  Local - Capital Flows

  Balance of Payments

  Pay It Forward, Now!

  Digitizing Cash

  Booms and Busts

  Open Market Revenue

  Automation - AI

  Fractional Economics

  Supply Chain

  Economies of Scale

  Exchange Platform

  Global Locations

  Distribution of Wealth

  Labour MarketPlace

  Affordable Living

  Job Creation

The Dome

The masses are a new breed of business people, they're entrepreneurial, a tech savvy generation equipped with mobiles, they operate as market makers buying and selling products and services globally, fueling Commerce.

The New Economy is the digitization and democratization of the commercial flow of value through Global Trade and Commerce using digital technology to track a neutral international units of account, which in some way is the digitizing of what the IMF have tried with SDR  -  SDR is a restricted Special Drawing Rights value  -  a foreign-reserve currency also termed as XDR, which is created like quantitative easing but without printing money or have any true backing  -  its objective has been to replace gold and US Dollars  -  its role is for IMF member countries to draw down the SDR at various costs so it can be exchanged between trading countries to balance trade surpluses and deficits.

What the New Digital Economy does with Cloudfunding, and in particular with DFDC - Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital, is validate the Free Economic Value against genuine global productivity, allowing it to be globally used ( compared to the limited use of SDR ) to fully democratize trade  -  removing the incumbents to open up global economies to free open markets with an interconnecting ubiquitous flow with a neutral international trading unit of account value  -  making it freely available for the people of the world, and countries, to control and operate with in real time, within the real economies

Cloudfunding doesn't create money, it digitally aligns with local currencies already in local economies and perpetually redistributes it using technology that stimulates the flow of Capital through better economics, via a decentralized and democratic consensus using Productivity as the leading catalyst  -  with the end focus of increasing the economic growth in those local economies.

One focus of the New Economy's model is to help reduce private debt that's been accumulating for the last 40 years in all developed economies to levels that're unsustainable  -  reducing pressure on households is needed to survive,

-  by changing the commerce dynamics the individual person ( family ) and business is able to participate directly in taking advantage of the Advanced Pricing that can help in deleveraging their own financial position, reducing inequality.

-  the 'D.O.M.E.' directly gives the masses, at the local level, tools that change the supply and demand of products and services in the Supply Chain, it maximizes the exchange values by constantly keeping demand moving.

the 'D.O.M.E.' embraces automation by 'tooling up' workforces with sustainable and multiple income streams that will more than adequately fill the voids being opened up as modern technologies continually reduce jobs.

the 'D.O.M.E.'s architecture makes it home of the global Sellers Exchange Platform, where supplier's inventory is channeled to meet a constant demand from the Crowd  -  from the original source in the Supply Chain to the end buyers.

-  inside the 'D.O.M.E.', there's a micro taxing mechanism operating in stealth that works to drive productivity along the Supply Chain without hindering growth  -  it's a global wealth tax countering inequality wherever activity is generated!

                                                      -  this is the RunWay we're now on, with the New P2P Economy!

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