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Now our New Economy is defined by an economic infrastructure
.  .  with a sustainable productive strategy for economic growth!

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Moving from the manually controlled to the technical to gain economic growth

The new economy has never been defined with an economic infrastructure that operated independently and autonomously to the old economy  -  it has only been described as the transition from the heavy industrial era to the information era associated with innovation based around computers and technology that was linked across the world's internet.

There are two parallel worlds operating along side each other linked to the same economic system that's holding up the possibilities that the information era is capable of  -  it's held up by the old economy's financial system that was designed around moving debt onto one party to another, basically rent-taking for services offered by a central facilitator.

Rent-taking has been the only game in town for the last century and more and it has produced more downside issues than upside with the next financial crisis always around the next corner, which is usually caused by too much credit ( loans and debt ) being distributed to the corporate and private sectors  -  it's credit that's produced from nothing more than thin air, in the hope that it's productive with some products or services that genuinely adds to the economic growth of the local economy.

The old economy's financial system has been manually controlled forever, from the loans being approved by a person(s) evaluating the borrower, all the way up to the central banking authorities who manually decide what the cost of their money supply should be.

The slowness of using manual controls to steer economies, and using an old ideology of using the control of the money supply as the catalyst, is a fair assessment as to why the world is stumbling under the weight of the indebtedness that the old economy has created.

The change is a paradigm shift back to a productivity-based economy

Changing from the economic systems of the old economy that use Credit and Debt as the driver, to a Productivity driven economy is only possible using the new economy's technology  -  shifting Productivity to be the leading catalyst maybe seen as a contradiction but the scale that technology can perform in real time is moving into the realm beyond the capability of humans to calculate  -  algorithms can track the movement of economic value down to 14 decimal points across the world in real time to continually validate the true value traded between buyers and sellers.

Productivity Lead

The New Economy can operate in parallel to the old economy without hindrance  -  it provides the stimulus needed at the local level to generate a perpetual flow of Productivity without incurring any debt, or being involved in holding or transferring sovereign currencies inside or across borders  -  Cloudfunding is the term applied to this digital economic infrastructure model that uses the previously untapped economic value of an unlimited resource in the local inventories ready to be sold to buyers  -  this connection between an inventory's economic value and its governed distribution, which gets decentralized via the Subliminal Advertising, means the international trading unit of account has a genuine intrinsic value linking it back to each inventory's local currency to identify its origin.

Cloudfunding creates an infinite loop to generate sustainable economic growth to local economies  -  it doesn't rely on trickle down economics to filter value down to the lower economy because the inventories' economic value is already embedded inside the local environment just waiting to add to the local economic wealth.

Local economies can be stimulated via Local Chamber of Economies

The new economy, with its own economic infrastructure, doesn't need permission to operate in a parallel economy  -  it only needs to 'kiss' the local currency values ( constantly comparing value with global currencies ) to operate autonomously and independent to the old economy  -  this is where the connection at the local level occurs, with the old trust in Commerce between sellers and buyers providing the liquidation of sales via the buyers need to trade local currencies for a neutral international trading currency so they can get on with spending in the new economy.

Local Chamber of Economies can be formed to be the strategic centre of local communities, and work with local industries and sellers of all types of products and services to outsource the selling of the local inventories to the global network of market makers, that direct foreign digital capital ( previously verified with sovereign currencies from around the world ) into a local economy  -  this free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital that monetizes the local inventory at the full selling prices is a digital shifting of verified economic value from many local economies into one local economy  -  once the unit of the inventories is sold to local buyers with Price Demand, it increases the local Productivity, and increases the local money supply held by local users, and therefore increases the amount of local wealth that has been drawn into the local economy by DFDC, without it needing to be paid back  -  it's a direct financial injection of economic wealth that can be traded both inside and outside the local economy by users from any of the local communities.

Cloudfunding is a progressive bottom-up approach to stimulating economies

Having Productivity as the leading catalyst establishes the new economy's foundation as a productivity-based economy where the evaluation of the economic value of genuine products and services ( productivity manufactured and produced and held by local economies ) is able to be quantified and monetized by a decentralized distribution of economic value controlled by a democratic global crowd.

Eliminating debt and inflation are the bonuses of the new economy that encourages consumer spending through the incentivized game theory processes that offer a natural organic stimulus flowing into local economies  -  bought about by the users' fear of missing out with the natural compulsion to save money by paying the lowest cost.

The scale of the distribution of the economic value of a local economy's seller inventories can be spread around the world and monetized at unprecedented speed using a neutral international trading currency, which's the rare link back to the old economy's lost connection with real value  -  then to have the products and services made available for local buyers to pay prices they can afford, without it affecting the seller's full selling prices, offers buyers a new-found buying power.

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.  .  as activity increases there's a flywheel effect that spreads out into other economies
Cloudfunding sits above B2B & B2C markets with e2eCommerce
Economic Ingrastructure Hierarchy
SME Cloudfunding

"The e2eCommerce is the operating platform of the Global Chamber of Economies  -  a totally new economic association or alliance that can respond to the real needs of the global social economic landscape  -  it has game changing processes that have the capability of addressing one important fundamental action required to grow economies but which is hindered by the establishment narrative  .  .  and that is: SALES!  -  it's as simple as that!  -  Businesses need to make sales, consumers need the purchasing power to do so and taxes generated as a result need to get to the right places!! This is what grows economies and the platform is the answer!" 

Here's a table napkin sketch of how it works

Cloudfunding - e2eCommerce

Cloudfunding's economic model
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