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    Money in Commerce is reinvented for the 21st Century - Cashless World    
Grid 21
  Blue Dot Universally Distributed Capital - UDC is the neutral global commerce trading currency for the 21st Century in a Cashless World
  Blue Dot Universally Distributed Capital value is the aggregate of all global currencies, avoids disparity caused from currency trading
  Blue Dot Commerce payment exchanges are only processed with the validated Universally Distributed Capital trading currency
  Blue Dot Commerce at brick and mortar stores is the traditional and true Place of Trust with Sellers and Buyers
  Blue Dot Commerce exchanges of fiat currency with UDC is the true transition from Offline to Online - O2O
  Blue Dot Exchanges between digital cash and local cash fit in as a natural activity in everyday commerce
  Blue Dot Commerce merging Offline to Online with a neutral digital trading currency is its own industry  -  ComTechX
  Blue Dot No third party or middleman exchangers are required or permitted, digital cash is not speculative based
  Blue Dot True digital cash is an exchange for goods with no equivalent fiat currency needing to be held in a bank
  Blue Dot Fiat currencies are not held by the Platform, local cash remains in circulation in the local economies
  Blue Dot The Platform securely monitors the Ownership exchanges of UDC, as it's traded world wide
  Blue Dot For every individual and business a Global ID system provides Proof Of Ownership of the digital cash
  Blue Dot No banks or Credit Cards are required or permitted, so no chargebacks or delays in settlement
  Blue Dot Global trade exchange payments with digital cash are in real time - no fees or currency exchange costs
  Blue Dot Exchanges of goods for UDC are securely controlled by a free escrow service
  Blue Dot Digital cash is accurate down to 14 decimal points, with no minimum exchange
  Blue Dot The flow of UDC between Buyers and Sellers is ubiquitous in commerce activity on a global scale
  Blue Dot UDC uniquely gains a surplus value via productivity that's distributed to linked Users in real time
  Blue Dot Global remittances become a natural part of global commerce, with no fees or fx margin spreads
  Blue Dot All exchanges in the Ownership of UDC are tracked on the Global Productivity Grid
  Blue Dot Digital Era has a clear mandate to replace Cash with Digital Cash for seamless global commerce
  Blue Dot More efficient money flows that gain higher velocity, gives greater benefits to local government coffers
  Blue Dot A Scalable Global Economy shifts how money flows with Free Digital Capital and Free Direct Backing
  Blue Dot Free Advertising is re-invented as an asset value, providing Free Digital Capital to Buyers and Sellers
  Blue Dot Free Digital Capital is free working capital that helps Buyers and Sellers gain from local productivity
  Blue Dot The Cloudfunds are free to earn by viewing QwickPic images  -  it never needs to be paid back, ever
  Blue Dot The maximum Free Digital Capital released is governed by the amount of products and services sold
  Blue Dot Outsourced Selling increases the digital cash flow for Sellers, by operating with real time payments
  Blue Dot Supply Chains can use Outsourced Selling to gain greater competitiveness in local manufacturing
  Blue Dot Supply Chain Sellers can gain from Suppliers that use Outsourced Selling and offer low buying prices
    Commerce activity in each country using the global digital trading cash has the comparison value in the local fiat currency in real time, all purchases are made with the global universally distributed trading cash as the recognized base value, with the comparison always shown in the seller's and buyer's local fiat currency.  
    This real time comparison means that neither buyers or sellers are disadvantaged with currency disparities, it gives both parties a true borderless neutral trading environment, with no fees or currency exchange costs, just as typical cash exchanges for products have been performed in local environments since money was invented.  
    Outsourced Selling used in local commerce reduces manufacturing costs by buying supplies at the low 20% max prices that involves the global crowd, which has its own agenda in earning profits as market makers,

-  the local commerce can freely draw digital cash into a country, such as Greece, it's a cost free Capital Investment from the external global crowd that can exponentially stimulate the local markets.
    The flow of money in commerce for Businesses is helped with the Free Digital Capital that Buyers can take advantage of by using the free working capital to win the Outsourced Selling Deals listed by the Businesses.

And Businesses and StartUps have the option to attract Cloud Benefactors to back their existing Business's operations or StartUp ventures with Free Direct Backing, without needing to take out loans or give away equity.
    Local commerce productivity, in places like Greece, can stimulate internal activity with Outsourced Selling by increasing the velocity of money circulating in the local communities, money itself is worthless, the velocity is the guide to how well an economy is going, digital cash does that for free.  
    Unlike traditional commerce that uses credit at nearly all stages of the commerce mechanics, Outsourced Selling is fully funded and accountable all the way through the commerce process, the Free Digital Capital is accountable by real time productivity results that governs the amount of free working capital that's ever available, globally

-  as with digital cash, it's maximum volume in circulation is also fully governed by the amount of productivity it's validated with  -  the velocity of the two currencies combined inside an expandable economy with its ubiquitous and borderless infrastructure is what scales growth.
    The New Digital Economy has a role to play in the 21st Century, the financial issues confronting the world will be constantly repeated because of the sheer burden of the 20th Century debt that was brought about by using credit and debt mostly by speculating largely against product price rises to build economic growth, and not against productivity, the instability is now showing with more frequent crisis and inequality with global debt and inequality rising exponentially.

This gives the Scalable Global Economy a sizable Run Way in which it can apply disruptive innovation in global commerce and economics, it'll allow the unraveling of global debt that's been created over the last decades.
    All countries have their own agenda to look after the interests of their people, the Scalable Global Economy sits in between all countries as a neutral software based utility, it's evolving into the Global Trust entity that has a mandate to secure the individual Ownership of digital cash for all global citizens, it's a NGO entity that is able to monitor all activity from a neutral position.  

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Money flow in old commerce is delayed by legacy systems  -  money flow in the digital era is in real time using digital cash
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It started with Gold being stored and paper cash being used  -  now it's the 'Ownership' that's stored and 'digital cash' being used

Every product and service is tracked in global productivity  -  generating a global wealth tax, that's distributed in real time

Global Productivity Grid   Productivity Grid   

Until now, only way for someone to benefit from a business's or local economy's prosperity was with institutions  -  not anymore

. . . new trade routes will be forged by 'digital commerce' in the new Scalable Global Economy

fuel   -   taxis   -   hotels   -   restaurants   -   events   -   travel   -   trekking   -   sharing   -   Cloudfunding Main St

groceries   -   fashion   -   books   -   delivery   -   content   -   subscriptions   -   On-demand   -   connecting
  -   insurance

health   -   education   -   energy   -   housing   -   leasing   -   logistics   -   Used Market   -   Used Cars   +   more
markets  -  supply and demand  -  advertising  -  payments  -  monetize  -  job creation  -  wealth distribution


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